24/05/2009 - 27/09/2009


May 24 – September 27, 2009

Curators: Gabriela Salgado, Bisi Silva, Syrago Tsiara

More than 200 artists / 39 countries/ 22 city’s collaborating institutions/ 20 venues/ 12 exhibitions

Lillian Lykiardopoulou
Assymetric_Endeavour, 2008
Mixed technique- installation


Main Programme
With the visitors number growing more than 30.000 and with flattering critics from the press in Greece and abroad the 2nd Biennale of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki under the title « PRAXIS: Art in Times of Uncertainty » is still on show until September 27. Some 57 artists and groups from Greece and abroad are exhibiting their work in the main programme of the 2nd Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art. The works of the artists are displayed in the venues all over the centre of the city: It should be noted also that a large number of these works of art were produced by the 2nd Biennale and are being displayed in a world premiere in Thessaloniki. The curators of the main programme of the Biennale are Bisi Silva, Gabriela Salgado and Syrago Tsiara.

Meanwhile don’t miss the two new exhibitions from the parallel programme which are coming up. The first one opened yesterday September the 2nd under the title of « 1000+1 PRAX(E)IS » (French Institute of Thessaloniki until October 15 and Goethe Institute until October 9). The exhibition is designed to identify those actions which, literally or potentially, might transform the physical space or reshape social relations – through the creative process and theory, the theoretical/political and by extension, social discourse-project – into acts of catharsis. The exhibition encourages the public to consider whether a work of art is an act of protest against materialistic and economic determinism.

The second one is due on September 11, under the title « Personal-Political », at Warehouse B1 (Port of Thessaloniki). Thirty-seven Greek artists take a stand, with political works from the 1960s until today, which will be presented in the exhibition. How many bombs and how many Greek flags can hide in an art exhibition, how many protests, how many ideologies, what secrets, personal or political, indicate the way in which the country is evolving socially? The events of last December brought back memories of the Polytechnic drama of 1973. Why is that? Has not much changed since then? are some of the questions that arouse.


Also note some more shows from the parallel programme

• Moscow-Thessaloniki 2009 / Works from the Stella Art Foundation Collection
‘Subjective visions’
Opening: 18/09/09
Venue: National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation 108, Vas. Olgas Aven.

• Making Words / Moscow Poetry Club
Poets Machine/ Yioula Xatzigeorgiou
Opening: 18/09/09

• Young Artist’s Workshop Part B
25.09- 25.10
Venue: Artforum Vilka Gallery, 21 Andreou Georgiou Str.

• Weak Monuments/ A topography of public murder in Thessaloniki
Venue: Bar Association of Thessaloniki building, 103 Tsimiski str.


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