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25/03/2015 - 26/03/2015


The Balance-Unbalance international conference brings multiple disciplines together to explore intersections between nature, art, science, new technologies, aid agencies and society with the goal of developing cross-disciplinary initiatives using innovative art and technology to advance ecological awareness and sustainability practices to inspire wide-ranging community engagement in the face of unprecedented environmental challenges.

Founded by Argentinian-born artist and scholar Ricardo Dal Farra in 2010 to promote novel forms of creativity that can help solve environmental problems, Balance-Unbalance has been sponsored by UNESCO, the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre, Leonardo Journal: The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology, the National University of Tres de Febrero, Argentina (2010), Concordia University, Canada (2011), Central Queensland University, and the Noosa Biosphere in Australia (2013).

Balance-Unbalance 2015 will focus on water, climate, and place, seeking dialogues and creative projects engaged with water and climate problems around the globe. Given the location of the conference, the Sonoran Desert, discussions and presentations may address water issues and climate change in the context of desert landscapes.

There will be exhibitions, concerts, paper presentations, panels and virtual content, and some distinguished keynote speakers.

In addition there are 2 days of  workshops in the days leading up to the conference (March 25-26) – including high level workshops on: Designing Resilient Communities with Gary Lawrence 

A 2 days workshop on Field Recording and Acoustic Ecology with e American Society for Acoustic Ecology including an overnight field trip to Beaver Creek Biosphere Reserve

Workshops on Trash, Activism, water conservation and other issues relating to environmental management are in development.


Balance-Unbalance 2015 Conference
March 25-26
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ




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