28/01/2019 - 15/06/2019

How can the contemporary way of living become more sustainable or resilient?

In which manner does the topic of hazardous waste and its cruciality concern our everyday life?

Can we expand the environmental agenda through science and art?

Can contemporary art and moving image sensitize their audience over issues of environmental protection?

PCAI is excited to announce the launch of its Artist-in-Residence program focusing on the interaction between contemporary art and environmental consiousness. Believing that art is the best way to stimulate dialogue about sustainable thinking and the crucial matter of toxic waste PCAI invites artists from all over the world to reside for a week in Athens, get inspired and create a video work on the topic.

During the residency the selected artist will be able to perform research, draw inspiration from local waste management sites and facilities, interact with scientists involved in the waste handling process, meet other Athens-based visual artists, curators and environmental experts and exchange ideas and opinions.

The produced video work (max. duration 30′) will be presented in exhibitions in Athens and abroad the forthcoming year.

Application deadline June 15, 2019

Shortlisted selection until November 15, 2019

Final selection announced on January 15, 2020

Residency duration 16-22 March, 2020

Work production 4 months upon completion of the residency

The selected applicant will receive the amount of 5.000 euros covering production costs. In addition to that, travel and accommodation expenses will be covered.



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Pour tous renseignements complémentaires vous pouvez vous rendre sur le site :

Date limite d’envoi des candidatures : 15 juin 2019
Période de résidence : du 16 au 22 mars 2020
Annonce du résident : 15 janvier 2020

Crédit image :  Saskia Olde Wolbers’s Pfui — Pish, Pshaw / Prr (2017), commissioned by PCAI

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