06/02/2018 - 28/02/2018

Every 6 months Ugly Duck seeks creative projects to take place in our spaces in London.

Ugly Duck programs a diverse range of projects, and whilst it works closely with artists,  it is also keen to see submissions from groups in other disciplines including but not limited to architecture, science, information and technology, social sciences, activism. Ugly Duck is interested in projects that involve audiences in new and dynamic ways, work across disciplines, and educate and advocate for social, political and environmental change.

The theme for this next season is Art & (H)aktivism.
All systems can be hacked. 
How can we use art and creativity to advocate for social change? 

How to dismantle invisible walls, symbolic of existing power structures?
Creativity can change the way we see the world, culture and ourselves. Art can highlight inequality, fight oppression, and bring people together.
Hacking brings about change, teaching us how to sabotage the systems that control us.
Ugly Duck is looking for projects that subvert, improve and criticise systems in place. Offering alternatives and putting them into practice.

> Any forms and any type of project will be considered <

Applications will be judged by a panel including Ugly Duck staff, and three guest curators – Ashley Lee Wong, Nicole Crentsil and Professor Tim Jordan.

In general, Ugly Duck allocates the successful applicants part of one of their buildings for a full weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). For all projects Ugly Duck must at a minimum cover the costs of admin, electricity and staffing. In order to cover these costs Ugly Duck would like to either (Mainly for theater, dance, performance) a) operate a box office split with you OR b) receive a hire fee for use of the venue OR if applicable e.g. for a free exhibition c) run a bar during your event. Ugly Duck helps to promote the events, though the oncoming project is expected to be responsible for the bulk of marketing.


Open Call Art & (H)aktivism
Deadline : 28.2.2018
More information on : uglyduck.org.uk


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