01/09/2019 - 01/10/2019

Phoenix Athens now accepts applications for the upcoming exhibition based on Urban Ecology: Ecological Art in Athens Today.

This exhibition will address the ways in which art and design may be used to impress, inspire or trigger “green” changes and reform in the context of the unique and dynamic landscape of Athens.

Six to eight creatives will be selected to participate in this unique exhibition to be held between September and October 2019 at the Phoenix Athens galleries. One selected candidate will be provided with a subsidized residency in the form of free accommodation for the duration of one month. A second and third place will be awarded to candidates to partially fund travel costs/ offer lodging. The work of selected artists will be exhibited in the exhibition spaces at Phoenix Athens and archived for a small publication.

Creatives to include artists, designers, architects and academics will suggest the ways in which adaptive or innovative ideas and solutions serve to beautify, improve or comment intelligently upon the challenges of the urban environment in Athens. Preference will be given to artists or researchers who :

1)  Possess a clear and identifiable focus in their practice, one that suggests or proposes new solutions and possibilities for sustainable growth through ecological art or design.

2) Who are able to provide tangible works of art, design or material output which exhibit a high level of craftsmanship and execution.

3) provide an outwards facing presentation or workshop to inform and connect with members of the community of Athens.

4) creatives who produce commercially viable work are also more than welcome to submit.
Artists of all ages and backgrounds are invited to apply. Academics and writers are encouraged to submit examples of their most compelling research or writing(s) on the topic of ecology. Teams of up to two creatives are welcome. If you are applying as a team, please do be sure to indicate this in your application.

Phoenix Athens aims to bridge class divides while providing access to the solutions that creatives can provide. Preference will be given to forward thinking, tangible and innovative solutions that can be formulated through, but are not limited to art and design. Preference will be given to artists and creatives who wish to respond or comment upon to the current and ongoing ecological problems linked to the cultural and urban landscape of Athens.

In order to apply, please forward a short proposal alongside your CV/artist statement and a pdf sample of your work(or website) to: c.makri@phoenixathens.org

Appel à résidence « Ecologie urbaine »
Clôture de l’appel : 30 juin 2019
Résidence : septembre – octobre
Phoenix Athens - Asklipiou 87, Athina 114 72, Grèce
Pour plus d’information : c.makri@phoenixathens.org

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