01/03/2012 - 30/09/2012

One of the most powerful symbols of the Dutch landscape is the windmill. They can be found everywhere in The Netherlands and are a great energy source for many households. But these giant objects are also very suitable for other purposes…..

The organization Bubble Projects believes that art should be everywhere all the time, that’s why it considers the whole of Europe as its stage, not only in public buildings but also the spaces in the open air, like windmills.

Together with utility company Nuon, Bubble Projects will present the first art collection on windmills in the world. As the first utility supplier in the world, Nuon will provide windmills for an art route. On two locations: windpark De Bjirmen in Oosterbierum in Friesland and windpark Jaap Rodenburg closeby Almere, three windmills will exhibit artworks every 2 months. This way the windmills will be part of an art route that is open for public. The project will start in March 2012.

On every windmill a 2 meters high canvas will be attached on which artists will present their work. The theme of the art route is “Co-operation” and 24 artworks will be selected.

From March to September 2012
Near Almere and Franeker, The Netherland


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