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Fab Lab London

What is the circular economy, and where do the creative industries fit in?

Over the last 50 years our use of resources has accelerated at a previously unimaginable rate, with huge environmental consequences. But there’s a quiet revolution taking place. Alternative approaches are ditching the outdated « take, make, dispose » economic model, and are designing out the concept of « waste » altogether. Reuse, repurposing, recycling, upcycling, sharing, swopping, leasing are all examples of a broad and unstoppable movement which is re-evaluating and maximising resource value.

Join Julie’s Bicycle and the RSA’s Great Recovery team to explore the challenges and opportunities of ‘circularity’ in practice, and what creative practice might look like if we got it right. Participants of our ‘Circularity’ project will share their thinking on re-design for entertainment and performance, plastics and electronics, followed by drinks.

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