01/09/2018 - 06/11/2018

Climate Signals, a citywide outdoor installation by artist Justin Brice Guariglia, consists of ten solar-powered highway signs flashing text that draws passers-by into the climate conversation. Presented by the Climate Museum, in partnership with the Mayor’s Office — Climate Policy and Programs, the exhibition runs from September 1 through November 6.

Signs are located across all five boroughs of New York City, celebrating the diversity of the City in their placement. Each sign will feature languages commonly spoken in its neighborhood.

Eighteen programmatic partners, including social justice organizations, scientific research consortia, local environmental advocacy groups, established museums, and more, will co-present events at or near the exhibition sites to build understanding of and engagement with climate change. This programming ensures that the work has a meaningful impact on civic culture and community life.

Climate Signals breaks the climate silence, encouraging thought, dialogue, and action to address the greatest challenge of our time.

Climate Signals appears in parks and public spaces across New York City. The signs are located in a range of neighborhoods, including several that are particularly vulnerable to climate change. The signs will flash translations into the primary languages of their neighborhoods.

Exposition « Climat Signals » de Justin Brice Guariglia
Visible dans plusieurs quartiers de New-York
1 septembre – 6 novembre 2018
Pour plus d’informations :  https://www.climate-signals.org

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