28/02/2017 - 29/04/2017

theAgency. Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of works by the Austrian artist Oliver Ressler in London. The exhibition title ‘Bedtime for Democracy’ is inspired by a Dead Kennedys album title from 1986. Thirty years on it rings true in our context of a shift to a post-democratic era and a deep crisis of neoliberal capitalism. Ressler’s exhibition brings together photographic works, films and site-specific pieces addressing migration, citizenship, democracy, and capital. The works document and observe a variety of grassroots movements and witness and explore the terminology and structure of capitalist realism. The gallery will host a number of public discussions during the exhibition.

Oliver Ressler (b. 1970 in Knittelfeld  in Austria) lives and works in Vienna. His multimedia works and film pieces cover issues such as global capitalism, forms of resistance, social alternatives, racism and global warming. His work constantly attempts to blur the boundaries between art and activism.

Under the heading ‘Who are we?’,  theAgency. Gallery invites to communal reflections on how we experience and influence society, economics and politics with speakers such as Stephanie Polsky (11 March), Mike Watson ( 29 April), Aminat Lawal-Agoro and Alinta Sara (date tba).

theAgency. is an independent programme gallery based in London. Complimentary to the ongoing progressive work with contemporary international positions the gallery also presents historical works in curatorial contexts in order to inspire and challenge artists.

Preview 28:02:2017, 18:00-21:00



Bedtime for Democracy
Oliver Ressler
28th February – 29th March
More information on www.theagencygallery.co.uk
The Agency Gallery
66 Evelyn Street
London, London SE8 5DD
United Kingdom

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