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Nobel Prize Winner, author of the Soviet atomic bomb, Lev Landau actively worked on the theory of curvature of magnetic fields before engaging in development of nuclear weapons by the decree of Stalin.

Having compared historical facts with outputs of 21st century physicists, the artist’s team came to the conclusion that if Landau’s research of magnetic fields was continued, it could lead to creation of a prototype of a tool that augments the brain capacities by the way of releasing human body from some constraining forces. This machine may be called ‘an incubator of genius’. Perhaps, it was the risk of having such a tool in a country, which prefers methods of cloning…, that lead to cessation of any research on magnetic fields for a long period. This research was interrupted due not to scientific but to ideologic reasons, as many other researches forever, and until now.

The following question arouse after seeing the documents from Landau’s archive: what would be the world today, if the world’s major physicists of the 1930-50s were still working on releasing human body from constraining forces, instead of devoting all their energy to improvement of weapons of mass destruction?


Singularizator, the first installation that continues Landau’s experiments will be presented from April 12 2016 within the Hemispheres exihibition in CDA d’Enghien. Hemispheres brings together a body of works facing scientists imaginary and honoring the partnership of CDA with the Academy of Sciences and its 350th anniversary.

Singularizator is realized in collaboration with Sylvain Reynal, Alexander Kiryutin, Maria Gyo, Sarah Baldi, Pascaline Liard, Julie Borgese and Francesca Sconfienza. It’s a part of the ARIAD/R project by Institut ACTE, CNRS – Pantheon-Sorbonne University.


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