18/12/2008 - 21/12/2008


48°C Public.Art.Ecology, a combined initiative of Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan and GTZ, is an experiment set within the capital metropolitan city of Delhi. The ambition of this project is to interrogate the teetering ecology of the city through the prism of contem-porary art. Through a number of art interventions in various public spaces around Delhi, the festival attempts to draw a diverse public into the world of this critical imaginary.
By any score, Delhi qualifies as one amongst the world’s most dynamic and complex urban settings in contemporary times. Like most other urban centers of this country and of the south Asian region, the city of Delhi is characterized by multi-layered historicity and multiple urbanisms that get expressed in varying conditions within its cultural and physical fabric.
48°Celsius is a reference to the exigencies of global warming, which can be felt in Delhi’s continuously escalating summer temperatures, and also to its interconnectedness to a city in overdrive. Delhi’s feverish building activity and rising sensex form a glossy veneer to the crumbling ecology  beneath.



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