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Our world is rapidly changing, and human kind is playing a role in this transition. Climate change is posing a challenge to the conditions under which we live, work and make art, and the scientific community is calling for a radical re-examination of our relationship with the natural world…but where does culture fit into this narrative?

Together participants will explore the creative and practical responses that cultural organisations and individuals can contribute to this issue, arguably the most important challenge of our time, sharing case studies of existing leadership and practical tools resources that can enable action.

The workshop will provide participants with tangible actions that can be taken and connect them to a Europe-wide network of artists and cultural organisations doing the same.

This workshop is part of the Green Art Lab Alliance, connecting the people and organisations across Europe that are championing ideas and best practice to build a more sustainable world.

The workshop is organised by the Museum of Transitory Art (MoTA) and will be led by Sholeh Johnston, Arts Manager at Julie’s Bicycle.


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