21/06/2008 - 20/07/2008


Designer Margus Tamm

If you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you

21st June – 20th July 2008
Thurs-Sun 12pm-7pm

Curated by MA Contemporary Art Theory students in the Centre for Visual & Cultural Studies at Edinburgh College of Art, ‘If you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you’ brings together the work of Erica Eyres (Scotland); Sigga Bjőrg Sigurðardóttir (Iceland); Katinka Simonse a.k.a. TINKEBELL (The Netherlands); Lorraine Sue-Fern Yeung (England); and Shelly Nadashi (Israel).

Through the projection of human-like qualities onto animals, imaginary creatures and inanimate objects, the artworks in this exhibition invoke feelings of repulsion and attraction, innocence and the macabre. The human tendency to anthropomorphise can be found in diverse cultural forms, from Disney films to Furry fandom, and from the Frankenstein Syndrome to online avatars. It is a compelling and rich concept through which artists can address a broad range of subjects, including our complicated relationship with animals in the context of industry and mass culture, as well as our conflicting responses to the grotesque yet sympathetic.

Using sub-human, animal-human, and non-human characters, the artists create absurd, enigmatic, and sometimes disturbing narratives. What it means to be human becomes malleable and unstable, rendering any solid definition of humanity a matter of faith. But, if you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you.

1. Artists: Erica Eyres www.ericaeyres.com; Sigga Bjőrg Sigurðardóttir www.galerieadler.com; Katinka Simonse (a.k.a. TINKEBELL) www.tinkebell.com; Lorraine Sue-Fern Yeung www.lorraineyeung.com; and Shelly Nadashi www.myspace.com/shellynadashi.

2. A book accompanies the show and consists of texts written by the curators and other invited writers.

3. Curated by MA Contemporary Art Theory students: Angela Beck (Canada); Kristín Dagmar Jóhannesdóttir (Iceland); Elena Damiano (Italy); Talitha Kotzé (South Africa); Undine Lang (Switzerland); Martine Foltier Pugh (Scotland); Elnara Taidre (Estonia); Galya Umansky (Israel).

4. Established in 2001, the postgraduate MA programme in Contemporary Art Theory at Edinburgh College of Art remains unique in Scotland. It brings together ideas and materials from a wide range of disciplines to investigate contemporary visual practices, cultural theory and organisational praxis. www.eca.ac.uk

5. The GRV is an urban sanctuary for multi-media arts, creative culture and music in Edinburgh’s city centre. Spread over four floors, the newly renovated site is becoming a focal point for artistic entertainment. www.thegrv.com

6. This exhibition is in association with The Embassy gallery, an artist-run space which holds a yearly programme of exhibitions and co-ordinates professional practice events for students at Edinburgh College of Art.


Please visit www.embassygallery.co.uk/believeinme for further information.

21st June – 20th July 2008
Thurs-Sun 12pm-7pm
If you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you

The GRV Studio 2
37 Guthrie Street

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