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20/08/2018 - 20/08/2018


The II International Art & Science Workshop follows the debates of its first edition, in Rio de Janeiro and Duque de Caxias in 2017. Workshop I brought together researchers and professionals working on the theme in Brazil and abroad, and consolidated a discussion forum on the interaction among Geosciences, Art and Environment.

The landscape, which is dynamic and perceived as a set of variables that defines its sustainability, changes over time into new meanings and uses, caused by natural processes and by human beings. Human activity appropriates mineral resources, or natural beauty itself, to develop economic, social and cultural activities. The proposal for Workshop II is a reflection from the fields of Geosciences and Art, in its environmental and artistic aspects, that discusses the resilience and conservation of the landscape, regarding natural risks, anthropogenic action and related issues.


Core Themes : Science & Arts

1. Archaeology
2. Ecology
3. Geodiversity, Geoconservation and Geotourism
4. History of Art
5. Art and Environmental Education
6. Paleontology
7. Resilience and Landscape Conservation
8. Landscaping



August 20 – 22


Organising InstitutionsInstitute of Geosciences / IGEO – UFRJ; School of Fine Arts/ EBA – UFRJ; Institute of Geography / IGEOG – UERJ; Living Museum of São Bento / MVSB, Caxias (RJ); Association of Preservation and Recovery of the Atlantic Forest/PROMATA – Ubatuba (SP).


Scientific Committee

PhD. Antonio Soares
PhD. Ivan Sá (UNIRIO)
PhD. Luis Neves (EBA – UFRJ)
PhD. Alice Brasileiro (FAU – UFRJ)
PhD. Jane Trindade (Estácio)
PhD. Maria Clara Amado (FAU-UFRJ) PhD. Michelle Sales (EBA – UFRJ)
PhD. Sonia Cristina Reis (Faculdade de Letras – UFRJ)
PhD. Fabiano dalla Bona (Faculdade de Letras – UFRJ)
PhD. Jorge Batista (UFF)
PhD. Rubens de Andrade (EBA – UFRJ)
PhD. Fábia Braga (UFF)
PhD. Katia Mansur (IGEO – UFRJ)
PhD. Madalena Grimaldi (EBA – UFRJ)
PhD. Maria do Carmo Oliveira Jorge (LAGESOLOS/IGEO – UFRJ)
PhD. Nadia Costa (UERJ) PhD. Vivian Costa (UERJ)
PhD. Monica dos Santos Marçal (IGEO/UFRJ)



II International Art & Science Workshops
History and Resilience of the Landscape
August 20 – 22
UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
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Dry river bed. Image credit: iStock photo / © Jyeshern Cheng


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