Opening of SciArt Center, an organization devoted to the coming together of scientists and artists. With the partner organization, Central Booking, SciArt Center is located in New York’s Lower East Side.

SciArt Center thinks artists and scientists seek answers to the same fundamental questions: who are we, why are we here, and where are we going? Both art and science build models of human experience in order to extend the boundaries of human capacity. Despite this common ground, artists and scientists are too often separate in their endeavors. In providing a physical space for artists and scientists to meet, collaborate, and experiment, SciArt Center offer support and promote cross-disciplinary approaches and interactions. With exhibition opportunities in Central Booking’s Offline gallery and Haber Space, they hope many of their members will contribute to showcasing the wonderful potential of science and art collaborations.

SciArt Center will also host an assortment of programming. Through science-themed exhibits, film screenings, workshops, speaker series, and their bimonthly magazine SciArt in America, they aim to stimulate and cultivate the growth of partnerships between the arts and sciences.



The SciArt Center opens on Friday, June 20 at 21 Ludlow St. in New York, NY with a launch party from 6-9 pm. Also launching is our first exhibition, ‘What Lies Beneath’, which will run from June 20 to July 16. Starting June 24, regular SciArt Center hours are 12-8 pm, Tuesday-Sunday. The SciArt Center is now taking membership requests and donations.

The Center’s membership program offers varying levels of access and benefits for those who wish to support the center’s growth and development to those who wish to utilize the center for their short-term or long-term projects. Their ‘Supporting Memberships’ are suited for those who with to help sustain the center, and their ‘Think Tank Memberships’ provide a variety of access and benefits for those who wish to partake in their ‘Think Tank’ communal work. All Think Tank and Supporting members will also enjoy their event series and the benefits of joining a well-established SciArt community. With the pursuit of scientific and artistic understanding within the larger paradigm of intellectual unity, SciArt Center will encourage the connectivity and transdisciplinary approaches needed for the 21st century.

As a community-based organization suited for artists and scientists working across disciplinary boundaries and their patrons, SciArt Center  depend on all of their members for support. If you are interested in becoming a member or donor and would like more information about SciArt Center, please email us at info(at)sciartcenter.org.


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