01/06/2008 - 01/06/2008


Vintage Plant, initiated by Byggstudio in Copenhergen, May 2006, is a network of second-hand plants and their life stories.

We trade and exchange plants with history through markets held in different cities and countries. Each plant in the network is registered and presented in a web archive, www.vintageplant.net, where you can read about their past lives, owners, moves, health conditions etc. Many plants have survived half a century or more and some have actually been through quite a lot – being thrown at ex-girlfriends in heavy fights or been moving through whole Scandinavia with a secret love affair in the baggage. In Europe house plants are natural part of our home interior. In difference to for example furniture the plants are living organisms, dependent on how their owners live and treat them. We seldom think of the plants as valuable, but they actually reflect our way of living and our family history by being passed on from generation to generation. Thus, the Vintage Plant project aims to give the house plants some deserved recognition and is at the same time a way of telling the life stories of the people surrounding them.


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