28/01/2017 - 29/01/2017

Our lungs breathe in and out 23,000 times a day, and each one of us needs just eight Sycamore trees’ worth of oxygen each year. But if a city has demonstrated an inability to provide clean air for its citizens, it is London.

Join us for a weekend of installations, performances, talks and workshops highlighting the impact of air pollution on our health. What collective action can we take to make our cities less congested, cleaner and more energy efficient?

Interrogate the London air you breathe – a weekend at Somerset House, River Rooms with workshops by King’s College London Environmental Research Group; a bicycle-powered French SolarSoundSystemdisco with a DJ set by legendary Jarvis Cocker and SolarSound guest DJ’s; Breathing Mephitic Air a new sound installation by Wesley Goatley; Energy Renaissance, a Virtual Reality experience inspired by the Strand, a HammerheadVR/Cape Farewell/Shrinking Space production – and much more…

The local area around Somerset House is regularly above legally recognised health limits for air pollution. We will redesign our city’s environment, demonstrating that it can be a Utopian space, and discuss the ambitious and innovative plans already being implemented across the globe to alleviate the drivers and negative effects of air pollution on our health.

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Project Team
Curated by Cape Farewell and Shrinking Space, in partnership with King’s College London’s Environmental Research Group.
Supported by: Arts Council England, The Physiological Society, King’s College London Environmental Research Group; Somerset House; King’s College London Cultural Programming


Space to Breathe Weekend
Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 January 2017
River Rooms, New Wing – Somerset House, London
Free, drop-in


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