The competition recognises that we are all curators. Everything we choose and collect to surround us has meaning. Great curatorial expressions and ideas on how to exhibit can be communicated in all artistic forms and media, by anyone, whether in the art world or not. Participation in the competition is not limited to aspiring or established curators; anyone with a great concept is encouraged to enter.

A world-renowned jury will judge ideas on their creativity and social importance, rewarding those with a contemporary and culturally relevant point of view. They will be looking for an exemplary exhibition that is both far-sighted and critical of the future. The jury will select 20 finalists from which the overall winner will be decided.

The winning curatorial idea will be realised in an exhibition in either or (but not limited to) Qatar and Italy. There are no limits to the form or language in which your curatorial concept can be realised. Your exhibition can include any media. Enter the award by explaining your curatorial idea in a short video.

To illustrate and celebrate the diversity of curatorial concepts, we have invited some of our community to curate their own digital exhibitions on Pinterest. Explore their ideas here throughout the duration of our competition.

We hope they provide you with inspiration.

What will you curate?

Curate Award received over 500 proposals, and we would like to thank everyone who participated.

In the reviewing process, it became clear that many of the projects were engaging with critical themes in today’s society. To reflect this, we have decided to award not one, but three projects that address different areas of importance and urgency: ecology, national identity and immigration.

We are proud to announce that the winners of the Curate Award are:

  • Extinct in the Wild, Michael Wang, USA
  • Mutterzunge, Misal Adnan Yıldız, Turkey
  • The Border, Evelyn Simons, Belgium

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