Barbara C. Matilsky, 1992, Rizzoli International


This book highlights contents like : Art and the balance of nature: an historical overview ; Environmental art: new approaches to nature or ecological art : a response to environmental issues, and includes authors as Patricia Johanson: habitat-gardens ; Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison: poetic discourse along the rivers ; Mierle Laderman Ukeles: reclaiming waste ; Alan Sonfist: introducing urban forests ; Nancy Holt reconnecting to the stars ; Buster Simpson: urban environment action ; Betty Beaumont: the oceans ; Heather McGill and John Roloff: isla de umunnum (island of the hummingbirds) ; Mel Chin: revival field ; Cheri Gaulke, Susan Boyle, and Wilson high school students: L.A. River Project.

137 p.


L’auteur : Barbara C. Matilsky is curator of exhibitions at the Ackland Art Museum, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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