IFACCA is pleased to announce the release of the latest Research Report, D’Art 34b: The arts and environmental sustainability: an international overview.
Over the last two years, Julie’s Bicycle and IFACCA have been working in partnership to develop resources aimed at informing international arts leaders about global developments in policies and programmes related to culture and environmental sustainability, and how these impact on national arts and cultural organisations.

The first D’art Arts and environment report (D’Art Report 34), released in February 2009, was a preliminary attempt to collate examples of good practice in supporting artists or arts organisations with creative and practical responses to ecological concerns such as environmental sustainability and climate change, and was a joint project between IFACCA and Arts Council England. That project eventually led to the partnership with Julie’s Bicycle during 2012.

D’Art Report 34b is the result of surveys and interviews carried out by Julie’s Bicycle and IFACCA between November 2013 and May 2014 and supplemented with desk-based research. The report provides a snapshot of national policymakers’ level of engagement with environmental sustainability with an emphasis on policies, not on artistic content or wider arts practice. A draft of the report was discussed at the CEO Leadership Seminar in Santiago in January 2014.

We would particularly like to thank the Canada Council for the Arts and Arts Council Ireland for their financial support for this research.

The findings will be used to consolidate partnerships, resource and support needs, position the issue of environmental sustainability with key strategic bodies, and champion environmental best practice.


The report can be accessed from here:  www.ifacca.org





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