Of Soil and Water: King’s Cross Pond Club is a natural bathing pond, an irregular oval in shape, built two metres above ground level and to be 10m wide x 40m long. It is temporarily located at the northerly end of Cubitt Park; its central pool is surrounded by both hard and soft landscaping, including pioneer plants, wild flowers grasses, and bushes so that the environment evolves as the seasons change. The swimming pond will be purified through a natural closed-loop process, using wetland and submerged water plants to filter and sustain clean and clear water. The system does not use any chemicals.

The Pond has been designed by architects Ooze (Eva Pfannes and Sylvain Hartenberg) and artist Marjetica Potrč as part of the King’s Cross public art program Relay. The installation aims to make us think about, and experience, the relationship between the natural and built environment: the permanence of buildings and by contrast the changing nature of undeveloped spaces; and the city as a locus for both to exist side-by-side. Of Soil and Water’s location is in one of the largest public spaces at King’s Cross; it will demonstrate a self-sustaining system of water, land, and human interaction.

The Pond Club will be open from early 2015 for everyone to enjoy. The installation space will host a series of events, talks, and other art.


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