All living things are constantly changing and evolving, adapting to cope with and respond to the various pressures that they face, such as predators, competition and environmental change. More recently, the human species has emerged as the single main perpetrator of the various pressures that threaten the survival of other life forms. A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World is an attempt to document the ways in which humankind has altered this planet, and continues to do so. A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the world is a project initiated by artist Robert Zhao Renhui. The guide presents a catalogue of curious creatures and life-forms that have evolved in often unexpected ways to cope with the stresses and pressures of a changed world. Other organisms documented in the installation are the results of human intervention, mutations engineered to serve various interests and purposes ranging from scientific research to the desire for ornamentation.

The project is a Singapore Biennale Commission.


A limited edition artist book is produced for this project. The book contains 55 photographs and documents pertaining to the project and a unique opportunity to view the work through the artist’s perspective.

Designed by H55 in Singapore
Edition of 500
55 plates with documents and booklets contained in a hand crafted archival box
34cm x 24cm x 4cm
Individually signed with a 21cm x 14.8cm artist issued print certificate

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Robert Zhao Renhui is an artist. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Photography from Camberwell College of Arts and the London College of Communication respectively. His work addresses man’s relationship with nature, and related issues of morality and ethics, paying close attention to how our attitudes and opinions shape our assumptions about the natural world. Zhao works mainly in photography, but often adopts a multidisciplinary approach by presenting images and videos together with documents and objects.


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