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“Sensing the Ocean. A Collaboration between Art, Design and Science.”

Tom DuscherStephan SachsManfred Schulz (Editors)

“Sensing the Ocean” is based on the collaboration between the Kiel Marine Research Cluster of Excellence The Future Ocean and the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design. The book shows how artists, designers and scientists can complement each other creatively, what differentiates artistic and scientific research, and illustrates how the interplay of competence gives rise to new insights.

With Contributions from Tom Duscher, Martin Visbeck, Stephan Sachs, Manfred Schulz, Klaus Wallmann, Peter Friedrich Stephan, Ingrid Ernst, Norbert M. Schmitz, Julian Klein, Thomas G. Bosch, Johanna Barnbeck, Arne Zerbst, Rainer W. Ernst, Christian Engler und Tobias Hoss. Redaktion: Jolan Kieschke.


Sensing the Ocean. A collaboration between Art, Design and Science
Revolver Publishing. Berlin 2017
384 pages; German and English
Price: 58 Euro
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