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Tales of a Sea Cow TRAILER from Etienne de France on Vimeo.


Tales of a Sea Cow is a fictional story describing how a team of scientists working in Greenland has achieved the first ever decoding of animal communication. For the first time in history they « translated » the song of a marine mammal – the Steller’s sea cow-, a species, which was until now thought extinct since 1768.

This rediscovery of this species and the decoding of their songs have revealed striking results: the content of the decoding consists in endless lists and databases containing a precise monitoring of human activity.

Tales of a Sea Cow is a project mixing reality and fiction, art and science. Combining a fictional documentary and a multimedia project (installation, video, photography and sculptures), Tales of a Sea Cow is a dialog with scientific methodologies, but also a metaphor about interpreting nature and anthropomorphism.


Video stills from Tales of a Sea Cow, feature documentary
HD video, color, 52 minutes

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