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08/05/2013 - 29/09/2013


 Opening Exibition, curated by Claudio Cravero
Tuesday, May 7, 2013, 6.30 pm
Location : Parco Arte Vivente
Via Giordano Bruno 31, Turin 

The exhibition Internaturalism comprises the fulcrum of a series of narrations on nature seen from an artistic perspective. But the exhibition also provides an introduction to tackling the aesthetic questions of nature: is there still an aesthetics of nature and of the landscape, now that the environment is increasingly precarious and “sick”? And if there is, what are the implications of today’s aesthetics of nature upon ethics, and upon any message it might want to transmit?
The works on show aim to clarify some of the many interpretations of the concept of nature, at the same time presenting a wide range of possible versions, of sources of incomprehension, and lexical misunderstandings. Fully aware that we are experiencing a multiplicity of often conflicting viewpoints revolving around the theme, thereby leading to the current notion of multinaturalism, the installations, documentation, videos and sound-experiences in the show illustrate the wealth of views and positions, including in policies towards nature.
Henrik HåkanssonAndrea Caretto/Raffaella SpagnaCAE/Critical Art EnsemblePiero Gilardi,Gabriella CianciminoLaurent Le DeunffBrigitte de MalauFilippo LeonardiNja Madhaoui e Agostino FerrariNorma JeaneLuana Perilli,Lucy + Jorge Orta and Uli Westphal thus attempt to cast doubt upon the now fragile anthropocentric hierarchies, moving the boundaries of what we are accustomed to calling natural and non-natural. Towards an idea of internaturalism.

International Symposium
Wednesday, May 8, 2013, from 10 am to 6 pm
Location : Casa del Teatro Ragazzi, 266 Corso Galileo Ferraris, Turin

The international conference Internaturalism is a one-day long study section, with the participation of speakers from many different disciplinary fields, aims to analyse a series of multiple viewpoints around the debate on nature. The lecturers are: Maurizio MoriMaurizio Balistreri, Alessio Vaccari, Piergiorgio DonatelliGilberte TsaiFabian Sanders, Salvatore D’Onofrio, Roberto MarchesiniBergit ArendsAlice Benessia.
The conference is organised through three sessions so as to create ethical, aesthetic, anthropological and artistic reference grids. However, within these, the debates on nature is interwoven and “contaminate” one another, partly thanks to a series of contributions from what we call “human culture”, from zoo-anthropology and other disciplinary fields, increasing the plurality of viewpoints.

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