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01/03/2017 - 03/03/2017

Idea Camp : 

ECF’s Idea Camp is a three-day collaborative working platform organised within the framework of Connected Action for the Commons, a network and action research programme led by ECF together with six cultural organisations from across Europe: Culture 2 Commons  - Alliance Operation CityClubture NetworkRight to the City - (Croatia), Les Tetes de l’Art (France), Krytyka Polityczna (Poland), Oberliht (Moldova), Platoniq - Goteo (Spain), and Subtopia (Sweden).

The Idea Camp is founded on the principles of free and open culture. It provides a safe and inspirational space for the cross-pollination of ideas, allowing projects and partnerships to emerge. The Idea Camp is both a meeting place and a working place, fuelled by workshops and people that will help the selected participants to:

  • investigate and further develop their ideas
  • exchange knowledge and find new collaborations
  • inspire and connect with other practitioners from different sectors
  • who are working with culture and communities
  • explore and challenge new democratic alternatives


Third Idea Camp : Moving Communities

ECF’s third Idea Camp will take place in Madrid from 1 to 3 March 2017, co-produced with our Connected Action for the Commons hub Platoniq and the City of Madrid.

With its focus on “Moving Communities”, the 2017 Idea Camp follows an open call for daring ideas to build societies with greater equality, sustainability and solidarity, and a stronger sense of social justice. It is about communities on the move, communities in flux and also the power of people to “move” their communities through their progressive and creative ideas.

The 2017 Idea Camp brings together 50 Idea Makers from 24 countries across Europe and its neighbouring regions. During three days, participants will nurture and up-skill the ideas that they have developed with the ambition to counteract anti-democratic practices and bring forward voices excluded from public debate and decision-making. They will work with the support of a group of guest Idea Feeders, and Facilitators- the Hubs in the Connected Action for the Commons.

The programme is articulated through a number of activities, including workshops facilitated by local collectives and the Idea Camp team, idea development sessions, walks in the neighbourhood, collective discussions, meetings with local organisations.

In conjunction with the Idea Camp 2017, the City of Madrid, the European Cultural Foundation and the Connected Action for the Commons are organising the Innovative City Development meeting with municipal and city officials who are working in a progressive approach on cultural and urban related issues, using participatory methods. Attendees from Poland, Spain, Greece, Moldova will co-exchange about the city as commons and also meet with the Idea Makers.



Idea Camp 2017 : Moving Communities
1 – 3 March 2017
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