12/12/2008 - 31/01/2009


12.12.2008 – 31.01. 2009
Motive gallery

In March of this year, fifty brightly coloured dome tents landed on the white ice caps of Antarctica. The intervention was carried out by Lucy + Jorge Orta. The exhibition ‘Life-size Utopia’ provides a glimpse of the visual impact of the impressive expedition. But, even more, the presentation reveals that the symbolic implications of the intervention have not lost any strength outside the boundaries of the distant South Pole region.
Louis de Cordier?s ‘Blob’ refers, as does Studio Orta?s ‘Antarctic Village – No Borders’, to a possible future. In Motive Gallery he is showing the maquette and drawings for an architectural installation grafted onto human measurements, which will one day be realised. The ‘Blob’ is a vessel intended to sail on the warm Gulf Stream. Formally the organic ‘Blob’ is inspired by the partition of nuts and seeds, as well as by the method of building ships, particularly the mythical Noah?s Ark with its assurance of the continuation of cultures.

more information > http://www.louisdecordier.com

Motive gallery,
Elandsgracht 10, Amsterdam
Preview: Friday 12 December 13.00-16.00

Art on expedition > lecture > Lucy Orta & Louis De Cordier
Friday 12 December 17.00
Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Nes 45, Amsterdam

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