15/04/2017 - 15/04/2017



10 Unique evenings from modern to post-modern to installation art including three international artists/groups.


ENTHALPY OF FUSION focuses on the fragility of human life and its dependence on nature.

The title refers to the energy it takes to transform matter to liquid from its solid state. The installation provides a reflection on the effects of global warming and the destruction of nature by man.

Glaciers in the Swiss Alps lose one percent of their mass every year; at this rate, they will all have disappeared by the end of the century. People living in remote mountain valleys have many myths and legends created from a mix of Pagan tales and daily life experiences that revolve around the power of the glaciers.

Nature is the principal power at work in these tales: it either punishes or saves the living. The good and bad spirits of the mountains stand alongside God and “educate” the living according to precise moral codes. When people die, their souls are trapped in the glacier to pay for all the sins they committed in their lifetime.

This installation is presented through films projected on three adjacent walls, a melting ice sculpture, and live performance. The trapped souls are represented through a human figure of ice, made from a cast of my body. The sculpture is left to melt and “die.” This symbolizes the part of our society that will “die” if we believe we can control nature.  Despite its serious message, the show leaves viewers with hope for a new beginning. There will be a Q & A session with the artist and a meteorologist after the performance.


Live Arts Festival — 12 au 23 avril 2017, San Diego, White Bow Live Arts

2590 Tuxtun Road, studio 205
On the corner of truxtun road and roosevelet road

Performance Enthalpy of Fusion — 15 avril à 19h30
20 dollars
Plus d’informations sur : www.sandiegodancetheater.org

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