Aerocene Foundation is a non-for-profit organisation devoted to support interdisciplinary artistic endeavours that seek to devise, experiment and distribute new modes of creativity and knowledge for better futures. Its main project is called Aerocene.

Aerocene is a multi-disciplinary project that foregrounds the artistic and scientific exploration of environmental issues.

In the wake of the Anthropocene, Aerocene proposes a new epoch, one of atmospherical and ecological consciousness, where we together learn how to float and live in the air, and to achieve an ethical collaboration with the environment.

Comprised of a dedicated and diverse global community, Aerocene is an open platform which activities manifest in the development and testing of fossil and emissions-free sculptures floating in the air, in the distribution of open-source floating kits (Aerocene Explorer) and in the organisation of exhibitions, discussions and publications.

Aerocene sculptures become buoyant by the heat of the Sun and infrared radiation from the surface of Earth and floats without burning fossil fuels, without using solar panels and batteries, and without helium, hydrogen and other rare gases.

Inflated only by air, lifted only by the sun, carried only by the wind, towards a sustainable future.




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