The book is a result of four years research that the Institute for Advanced Study run by Krytyka Polityczna has exercised under a supervision of Professor Jerzy Hausner – economist and former Polish vice-PM; it is also a result of collaboration with European Cultural Foundation.

Culture and Development: Beyond Neoliberal Reason book edited by Igor Stokfiszewski discusses the relationship between cultural practices and socio-economic development through analysing the results of research based on seminars, conferences and studies conducted at the Institute for Advanced Study in Warsaw from 2012 to 2016.

Culture and Development: Beyond Neoliberal Reason book introduces essays which represent a new approach to the relationship between cultural practices, cultural institutions or organisations and socio-economic development they might evoke. In this new approach the notion of ‘culture’ shifts from the domain of art, artistic production, and the institutional field (without abandoning it completely), towards a ‘living culture’ or ‘social culture’ produced within the networks of NGOs, informal groups, neighbourhood initiatives, and social movements; while the notion of ‘development’ shifts from neoliberal economics perspective focusing on commodification and consumption, and reducing development to measures of economic growth, towards understanding its social and axiological aspects.

The eBook is a free publication released with the convenience that knowledge – especially the one related to culture and its surroundings – should be accessible without limitations to anyone interested in the subject.

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