Edited by Caroline Klein and Lagi, in cooperation with New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, the Institute for Urban Design, and  the Council on the arts and humanities for Staten Island.

This hardbound book, designed by Paul Schifino, is an in-depth exploration of the Land Art Generator Initiative for Freshkills Park on New York’s Staten Island. It is an excellent resource for everyone who is interested in the design of our renewable energy future.

In addition to showcasing details of 65 thought-provoking entries to the 2012 LAGI design competition, the book contains essays on art, urban ecology, and energy landscapes by writers such as Thaddeus Pawlowski (NYC City Planning, Urban Planning Dept.), Eloise Hirsh (Freshkills Parks Administrator, NYC Dept. of Parks & Recreation), Heather Rogers (Independent Journalist and contributor to New York Times Magazine, Mother Jones,and The Nation), Tafline Laylin (Independent Journalist and contributor to Inhabitat and Green Prophet), Mitchell Joachim (Terreform One), Ann Rosenthal (ecoartist and educator), Andreas Kipar (Landscape Architect), and Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry (co-founders of LAGI).

The book draws a much-needed connection between the two critical issues of sustainable development—energy generation and waste management—highlighting solutions that address both problems at once, thereby creating economically beneficial hybrid utility installations.

THE LAND ART GENERATOR INITIATIVE, founded in 2010 by Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry, brings together artists, architects, scientists, landscape architects, and engineers to advance sustainable design solutions for large-scale renewable energy infrastructure.

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